peet klecha {
hi there. my name is peet klecha and i'm a linguist. more specifically, i'm a visiting assistant professor at swarthmore college. i received my phd from university of chicago in 2014. i have also been a visiting professor at university of connecticut and ohio state university.

my research is on natural language semantics, pragmatics, and morphosyntax. i mostly focus on the interpretation of modal expressions in natural language, like might, hope, and likely, and temporal ones, like Xed or have Xen. my dissertation is on the various ways modal expressions can have scalar behavior, including, but not limited to, gradable modality. i have a lot of new work in the area of pragmatics, including work probing the linguistic foundations of communication. i also work on interactions of modality and temporality, dynamic semantics, gradability, and focus. my languages of study include english, luganda, and wolof.

this is my academic website. for a more concise summary of my research and experience see my curriculum vitae. to contact me, send me an email at: p.a.[my last name] at gmail, or just come find me and talk to me in person at 113 Pearson Hall, Swarthmore College.